Our mission

Its mission is to contribute to the promotion of creative writing through innovative processes, mobilization and dynamization of the distribution market focused on editions with a strong cultural, inclusive and diversified component. Nimba continues on the mission of establishing a lasting collaboration with each writer and reader, as well as with the plastic artist and artisan, creating conditions for them to feel included in this project.

We are committed to amazing, eco-friendly products for a better lifestyle.

Our values

Our values ​​inspire all the work we do every day. Nimba Edições privileges work culture, fosters innovation and creativity. The authors and writers that make up the Nimba network share a vision of work, rigor, focus and determination.

Our products

We always select our products with great care. We are very strict with the selection of our products.

Our customers

Our customers love the careful selection of the great products we offer and our attentive service.